Support Centre SSL
Incident Report for Simwood
Our Support Centre SSL certificate has changed. This may generate a warning in some browsers, depending on your configuration, or you may notice the "Green Padlock" provided by EV Certificates on some browsers has been replaced.

This does not affect the security of your account or tickets, nor does it affect any calls made using TLS or access to the API or Portal even were strict validation is in use.

Due to an error made by COMODO when issuing our SSL certificate, as part of Comodo/Sectigo CA internal audit they have uncovered an encoding error in the certificate used for our support site,

Although this is an encoding issue and does not affect website security, the CA/B Forum Baseline requirements for the Issuance and Management of Extended Validation Certificates require that the CA corrects the error by revoking the previously issued certificate and issuing a new certificate.

Unfortunately, they have only given just over 24 hours notice of this, and will not be able to issue a new certificate before the previous one is revoked, as the re-issuance process takes around one working day.

As a result we have temporarily moved the Support Centre to use a certificate provided by LetsEncrypt ( which is an automated CA operated by the non-profit Internet Security Research Group.

This does not affect the API or Portal, which use a different SSL certificate unaffected by this issue.
Posted Oct 25, 2019 - 14:07 UTC